the area of professional practice

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Please complete the following sections using the working title

Working Title: Instructional strategies to help English Language Learners in an elementary classroom setting

Problem Statement

Provide a one- to two-paragraph statement that is the result of a review of research findings and current practice and that contains (a) a logical argument for the need to address a gap in practice that has relevance to the discipline and (b) preliminary evidence that provides justification that this problem is meaningful to the area of professional practice. Provide three to five key citations that highlight the relevance and currency of the problem. Ensure the topic fits your specialization.

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Purpose Statement

Present a concise, one-paragraph statement on the overall purpose or intention of the study, which serves as the connection between the problem being addressed and the focus of the study.

• In quantitative studies, state what needs be studied by describing two or more factors (variables) and a conjectured relationship among them related to the identified gap in practice or problem.

• In qualitative studies, describe the need for increased understanding about the issue to be studied, based on the identified gap or problem.

• In mixed-methods studies, with both quantitative and qualitative aspects, clarify how the two approaches will be used together to inform the study.

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Possible Research Question(s)

List possible research questions that show potential to address your stated problem, which will lead to the development of what needs to be done in this study and how it will be accomplished. Recall that

•The research question should not be too broad or too narrow.

•The research question must be researchable.

•The research question should be neutral and not leading.

•The research question must be directly investigable using the research tools at hand.

•The research question avoids yes/no questions no matter what the approach.

•Research questions often begin with “How” or “What.”

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Approach for the Study

Select a possible research approach that is appropriate for the draft research question, purpose, and

problem statement. Check ONE box in the second column and one under MM, if needed.

Qualitative Methods

Quantitative Methods

Mixed Methods

Primary method is




Include APA-formatted references for key research reviewed for the problem statement.

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Save your completed form with the following title format: Lastname_Firstname_specialization.doc (Example: Jones_Marie_TL.doc)

If this form is part of a course requirement, please submit your completed form to the course Dropbox by the date indicated in the course. Failure to do so will result in your not receiving a committee chair assignment and not being enrolled in EDUC8081/EDDD 8900, which is critical to your progress in the program.

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