take notes when read case and then answer the questions (overall 4 pages)

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Guideline: (Case is about page 354-371 that is on the file)


1. At first take notes about this case (like write 2 paragraph summary)

2. open a new word document and Answer 1-6 questions after read case…..(overall need 3-4 pages)

require: Oftentimes, whenever we think of diversity, especially in the United States, we think only of black, white or Hispanic groups. This case study takes us out of the country and to a different group of people. Even so, we could place any nationality in the study to review. Be sure to think critically and do proper research in order to write in your own voice and provide meaningful content and dialogue.Double space, only. No double, double-spacing.

questions:(need write question and question number then write answer as below)

1. Develop a list of topics and issues that Dhavan should research to prepare for his meeting with Archer and Vazcacha. Provide a concise yet detailed summary of each topic or issue.

2. What are the advantages and disadvantages of having Dhavan Banerjee serve as the new top manager at a Vizcacha International media company in the Republic of Korea or South Korea? Would Dhavan be a good choice to run a company for Vizcacha International in South Korea? Why or why not? Answer yes or no and provide a detailed yet concise answer based on the reports you were assigned to read for South Korea and India. Also discuss whether it is better to have an expatriate top manager, or hire a top manager from South Korea. Review Chapter 5 before answering this question.

3. Should Dhavan have raised the issue of interracial relationships with Archer? In other words, should he have discussed with Archer what Kruti said her fiancé told her Roberto Vizcacha said about their relationship? Why or why not?

4. What other ways could Dhavan have handled the rumor involving interracial relationships? Explain your answer in concise detail.

5. If the topic of the rumor about interracial relationships comes up in his meeting with Vizcacha and Archer, what should Dhavan say? Why?

6. Should Dhavan have handled the situation with Kruti Khan differently? Identify the responses Dhavan made that you thought were good or appropriate, as well as the responses you felt were not appropriate. Also identify any responses or actions he failed to take (but should have taken). Explain your rationale in concise detail for each response or action Dhavan took or failed to take.

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