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1) Why might it be important to briefly learn about the peoples’ history of the Valley of Mexico, Central America, and South America before discussing the first peoples of the modern-day United States based on the textbook chapter? In other words, how might the history of the Olmec, Maya, Aztec, and Inca encourage us to think differently about the popular narrative/mainstream history of the US?

2) What were some key points/quotes that resonated with you from this week’s textbook chapter, “Follow the Corn,” and why? Please include specific examples.

3) How might the textbook chapter connect to one of our key terms from last week? How and why?

4) What are your thoughts/reactions to Winona LaDuke’s TED Talk? What might the points discussed be significant in our understanding of this week’s material?

5) What were your previous understandings of Christopher Columbus, or what did you learn about him in grade school? How did both articles challenge your previous perspective of Christopher Columbus?

6) Compare/contrast the authors’ perspectives from the “Columbus Day Comic” and the “Flawed Critique of Columbus Day.”

7) What does the term “Doctrine of Discovery” mean, and what is its significance as we analyze US history from an Indigenous perspective?

8) In the textbook, what does the chapter title “Culture of Conquest” mean/refer to? What were some key passages in the chapter that stood out to you, and why?

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