Herborist: A Chinese Personal Brand Goes Abroad

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Max 3 pages; 1.5 spacing

Much of the your write-up can be organized in tables.

Question 1.

Assume you are an investor interested in helping Natura and Shanghai Jahwa bring the Ekos and Heborist brand, respectively, overseas. Assuming that both companies are currently in their post-regionalization stage, which of these two companies would you invest in and why?

Question 2.

Would you recommend Shanghai Jahwa to focus on Asia for the Heborist brand? Or should the company explore Europe, or penetrate the United States? [Address your answer with respect to the economic, legal/political, competitive, and cultural environment in these three regions]. If Europe, where? If Asia, what countries? If U.S., why?

Question 3.

Which distribution strategy (Direct/Indirect) would you recommend to Shanghai Jahwa for your choice of country/region in question 2? In the short-run? In the long-term?

Discuss the pros and cons of each option below in a table

  • By continuing to sell through cosmetics chains
  • By selling in departmental stores
  • By setting up its own retail stores
  • By introducing its products through its spa

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