Evaluation of Lodging Technologies Assignment

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Visit a hotel that uses a PMS system and answer the following questions:

  1. Who is the PMS vendor (e.g. MSI, Opera, SkyTouch, innRoad, etc.)? Is it a client-server or cloud-based solution?
  2. Identify the steps in making a reservation, registering a guest, checking out a guest, and performing the night audit. What technologies are used to streamline these steps?
  3. What systems are interfaced to the PMS?
  4. Describe the loyalty program. How is it benefiting the hotel and loyalty members?
  5. What online booking channels (e.g., property Web site, Chain Web site, Expedia, Booking.com, GDS, etc.) are used? Which ones are most valuable? Which ones are most profitable?
  6. How does the property optimize revenue (e.g., revenue management system)? Describe the process.
  7. What reports are commonly used? How are these reports used?
  8. Identify potential applications/technologies that could significantly improve operational performance.

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