Ethics Issue Recognition

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Write an essay with about 500 words as prompted in the question.

  • Your recommendation in summary form as clearly and succinctly as possible
  • Describe the ethical issues you see
  • Describe the ethical basis for the issues (explain why the issues exist)
  • Your recommendation in more detail for what should be done


You are the operations manager at an electric-car company, and you need to hire many more employees to meet increasing sales demand. The CEO of the company proposes that the company relax the current hiring policies that are too restrictive. She recommends that the company change the policy to hire more healthy, dynamic, energetic, single (i.e., not married) men, and pay the new employees less. With the new policy, the company will have lower labor expenses, more productive, and have to provide less sick/family time. Write a recommendation to the CEO, and explain the potential issues, if any.

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