ENG101 English 101

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Write a 1- to 2-page project proposal (250 to 550 words) for your final project that includes specifics such as audience, purpose, and value of the project.

Include the following in your assignment:

  • Audience: State your topic and indicate who your chosen audience is and why. What makes the person or group you’ve chosen your ideal reader?
  • Purpose: What is the point of your project? Why should the reader care about your project?
  • Value: What value does your project have for the community, workplace, or academic discourse community you are writing it for?

Have you changed your topic since you worked through Written Assignment 5? If so, what is your new topic? Why did you choose that new topic? If you haven’t changed your topic, why not? Why do you still feel strongly that your topic will work for the assignment?

Add an in-text citation and formatted Works Cited or References page entry for one of the sources you found when researching the library databases. Why did you choose that source and how will it support your project’s objective?

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