ENC1102 research paper

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Final Paper Assignment. MLA 8th edition style, Due 4/12/20 by 6 PM!!! Professor uses Turnitin plagiarism detector

Guidelines given by professor:

Research Essay: The Importance of Credible Information


This essay will focus on the spreading of fake news and misinformation specifically in

the United States. In recent years, there has been a large increase in unreliable information going

viral and spreading across many forms of media. You are to research this topic and share your

findings on what “fakes news” consists of, the effects it has on our society, and how we could

potentially put an end to it. Although this is considered a research essay, you should share your

opinions and own personal experiences on the matter throughout.

* Paper Requirements

Pages: Must be a minimum of three FULL pages (Works Cited should be the fourth page). Also,

you may go over this minimum, but your paper should not be any less or points will be deducted.

Format: MLA 8th edition

Source Requirement: Paper must include a minimum of three sources (popular or scholarly).

You may refer to popular news articles online, scholarly sources through the college databases,

or even videos/documentaries on the topic (I have posted a few on modules you may use as a

guide). Feel free to explore the internet for “fake” articles and news to use as examples.


Paper must include BOTH in-text citations throughout the text and a Works Cited

page at the end of the paper. If citations are missing, inadequate, or incorrect this paper is

plagiarized (see below).

Plagiarism: Plagiarized papers will automatically receive a zero. This includes inadequate

citations, missing citations, copied work, reused papers, etc.

Point of View:You may use first person for this essay.

Audience: A general public who may not be aware that “fake news” is impacting them in some

way. You may specify this to a specific age range or population if needed. For instance, if you

are focusing on fake news in social media you may be talking to a younger crowd. Or, you could

focus more on adults who watch certain news channels or read papers. Etc.

Grade: 200 Points

Submission Procedure: You must submit your paper digitally as a Word document to the

Dropbox on the Canvas course page. Papers submitted as an incorrect file type, emailed to the

instructor, or uploaded as a comment will not be accepted


Introduction: 20 Points

In this paragraph, you are to introduce the reader to the current world of misinformation. Display

or paint a picture of how we see fake news in our lives today. You may define the term “fake

news” in your own words and consider mentioning the following:

What forms does it come in? Where do you see it most often? How does it become viral?

What role does fake news play in our current society and culture?

Body Paragraph One: 20 Points

Insert Source #1: Find a source (your choice of popular or scholarly but this source should be

factual/credible!) that discusses the overall influence fake news and spreading misinformation

has on the population. Is it more negative or positive effects? Why is it an issue? Why is it so

common? What does it do to us? Make sure you introduce this source and discuss the

significance of the facts/studies they mention. *Remember to use in-text citations.

Body Paragraph Two: 20 Points

In this section of the paper, you are to share how to identify fake news. What should one look

for? How do you know if a source is trustworthy? How can we learn to avoid it?

Insert Source #2: You are to find an example of fake news (this could be an article, video, news

story, etc.) and discuss how you can tell it is indeed incorrect information. Use specifics from the

source so your reader can learn to look for these elements when spotting fake news themselves!

(Author/credibility, site information/publisher, currency/date, fact-checking, etc.) *Remember to

use in-text citations.

Body Paragraph Three: 20 Points

Now you are to discuss and share your opinion on how we can put an end to misinformation.

What can we do to ensure that fake news doesn’t negatively affect our society? What steps

should we take to end this issue once and for all?

Insert Source #3: Try to find a source that backs up your opinion on this issue. How does this

source think we can stop fake news? Etc.

Conclusion: 20 Points

In this concluding paragraph, you may reiterate your points from above, but also discuss why

credibility is important. Consider mentioning how this directly correlates to your own life. How

does credible/scholarly work help you as a student? How does the trustworthiness of a candidate

convince you as a voter? Etc.

Works Cited: 20 Points

Each source must be cited correctly in MLA format. Papers missing citations are plagiarized and

will receive a zero.

*Please remember you may refer to the Little Seagull Handbook, the MLA Power Point on

Modules, online citation machines in MLA 8 th edition, or other materials posted in this Module

for citing help.

Other Rubric Points

In-text Citations: 20 Points

Every time you are quoting, paraphrasing, or summarizing source material you MUST have an

in-text citation at the end of that section/sentence (Kolman 10). Missing these citations or having

incorrect/inadequate citations throughout your paper is plagiarism.

MLA Format: 20 Points

Make sure that your paper is formatted correctly in MLA 8th edition to receive full points.

File Type: 20 Points

Paper must be submitted as a Word document.

Page Requirement: 20 Points

This paper must complete a minimum of three FULL pages. The Works Cited is technically the

fourth page.

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