Digital Marketing/ Influencer Marketing Case Study

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Create a 12 Slide Presentation for Each Option. Identify the Problem and create a solution include descriptions and pictures

Company: AWS

Option 1

The American Welding Society is looking to begin using influencers for promotion of its products and services. Outline a plan to accomplish this which addresses:

  • How to identify potential influencers and establish relationships with potential influencers
  • How to effectively utilize influencers for the goal of product/service promotion
  • A timeline and estimated budget for the project

Option 2

Create a two-week sample social media content calendar in the format of your choosing which includes a mix of promotional content, educational content, user-generated content, and any other content you feel is relevant for our social media audience. Utilize all the channels available to the organization, which include: Facebook, Facebook Stories, Instagram, Instagram Stories, Instagram Reels, LinkedIn, TikTok.

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