Decision Making

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Create a power point presentation at least 15 slides

Research a current issue that relates to decision-making in healthcare and prepare an analysis to be discussed via class written presentation.

Topic: COVID 19 and how it is affecting decision-making in health care (USA)

use peer reviewed articles/ reputable websites as references

include a reference slide

proper APA format

Your presentation needs to include the following (See PowerPoint Presentation Rubric in following page)

  1. Why particular issue was chosen
  2. Relevance of issue to decision-making in healthcare (should include statistical data)
  3. Presentation of literature review related to selected issue (should include summaries and/or key points
  4. Critique(evaluationofliteraturereview,addressgapsinknowledge, research, relevance to nursing practice and proposal for application to practice, future recommendations)
  1. Presentation organization & content (must contain scholarly sources of information and follow APA 6th references guidelines)
  2. Presentation creativityThis presentation will be submitted in PowerPoint format via Blackboard for the student to present the selected current issue of concern.

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