com 261: world cinema discussion board

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ENGAGEMENT: Reply makes a substantive contribution to the other student’s ideas (85-160 words).
TONE: Reply is respectful and positive, even in disagreement.
LANGUAGE/MECHANICS: Reply is clearly worded with no errors in grammar, spelling and/or punctuation.

RELEVANCE: Reply contributes to learning and ongoing discussion of course concepts.

Book: 1.William V. Costanzo, World Cinema through Global Genres. Hoboken, NJ: Wiley Blackwell, 2014.

book link:…

Please reply to the following posts separately:

Student A : The wedding hero is usually a bride-to-be or a would-be groom, but always someone on a journey through the matrimonial landscape (Costanzo, 2019 p.153). In contrast, the warrior hero, masterless Samurai, having lost their social status but not their skill, offer themselves as hired swords for money or adventure (Costanzo, 2019 p.45). Another warrior hero is the mercenary of the American West, who lives life as a loner on society’s outskirts and uses his gun-toting abilities to defend the powerless. At first glance, these heroes may seem far apart, but a deeper look into their motivations and troubles reveals they share more than meets the eye. Both heroes always face and try to overcome a number of obstacles before gaining the prize. In Monsoon Wedding, Aditi has to overcome her affair with Vikram as well as her internal conflict of accepting to wed a stranger. In The Magnificent Seven, Chris has to overcome both tasks of putting together a team of mercenaries as well as battling the bandits. Along the way, [the heroes] meet mentors to learn form, foes to fight, & supportive allies (Costanzo, 2019 p.154). These are seen through Ria, Aditi’s supportive cousin, as well as in Chris’ “team”, who form a close bond together. The journey’s goal and purpose may differ, but the end goal is always met, whether it’s a big traditional wedding or the safety of Mexican villagers.

Costanzo, W. (2019). World Cinema Through Global Genres. Wiley Blackwell.

Nair, M. & Baron, C. (2001). Monsoon Wedding. US

Sturges, John (1960). The Magnificent Seven. US

Student B: The hero or protagonist, “must always face and try to overcome a set of obstacles” (Blackwell, 2014, 153). The journey of the Wedding Hero and Warrior Hero are similar however each encounter a different enemy.

The Warrior Hero prepares for a physical battle. In the Seven Samurai, the heroes’ journey is their preparation for the fight, the hero’s life on the line to protect the farmers from the raider. The journey is divided into three sections, “recruiting the seven, preparing for battle, and fighting the bandits” (Blackwell, 2014, 101). For the Warrior Hero, the victory happens when the hero slays the enemy to win the battle.

In Monsoon Wedding, the hero encounters an internal battle. Aditi is conflicted and questions if she should go through with the marriage because of her affair with a married man as she broke tradition. The progression of rituals and traditions is key to reach the victory of marriage. The wedding is it’s own battle however there are many significant battles within the film like Ria’s rape conflict.

The journey of the Warrior Hero and the Wedding Hero focus on individuals protecting, fighting, slaying, and conquering their inter demons to win the battle and abide by their destiny.

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