​Case Study – MIDTERM

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“Pahalwan’s: Need for a New Marketing Strategy” CASE by Jyoti Sharm and Subhadip Roy, Harvard Business Publishing, W14488-­‐PDF-­‐ENG.

General Guidelines

Your report should be no longer than five pages—double-­‐spaced, 1-­‐inch margins, 12-­‐size font, with page numbers.Additionally, you can have up to two exhibits as an appendix.

Assume the role of a marketing consultant brought in to advise Pahalwan’s owner Anant Ram Abrol. Your report should be addressed to him.

To write your report, please follow the steps below:

  1. Read the case and exhibits.
  2. Identify the key issue(s).
  3. Conduct situation analysis, secondary market research, buying behavior analysis, marketing strategies and value offering analysis
  4. Provide your key issue(s) recommendation(s).
  5. Support your positions with reasons and evidence.
  6. Provide action plan.

The sections of your report should be the following:

Executive Summary

Key Issue(s)

Recommendations and Rationale

Action Plan

Appendices: SWOT Analysis, Secondary market research main findings, buying behavior analysis, marketing strategies and value offering analysis.


You will be graded on completeness, internal consistency, justification, flow and professionalism. Most important is whether you identify the most critical issues in your analysis and if your proposed plan addresses them in a realistic way. Your written case analysis will contribute 1/3 to your course grade.

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