Business Research 04

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Part One: Discussion 04 – Putting Your Research Plan into Action — Due 12/4/17

(Only 150 Words)

Initial Post: Describe your experience so far with implementing your research. What are some successes, surprises, challenges, and/or ideas for improvement? Explain your process so far, and how you will proceed going forward.

Part Two: 04 Course Project – Implement Your Research, and Use Data Preparation Techniques to Record Your Results

Remember that you should be carrying out your research plan now! Whether observation, interviews, focus groups, questionnaire via survey, etc. (whatever method you chose), your research should be well underway. For example, if you decided to conduct an online survey, that survey should be built and submitted to your sample (your group of participants), and you should be awaiting and recording responses as you receive them. Having learned about coding and data entry in this module, you should be able to record your results in an effective and helpful manner.…

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