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In reference to the document titled “Choice of Group Project topics…” would you please provide further clarification on how to interpret the information on this page? How do we apply the information in each column? Also, when the instructions state to “browse topics” is this referring to the links under the column “Natural Law” or perhaps “product modality”? Any further clarification on this is greatly appreciated.


“On the right columns, these are elemental parts of our business conceptual framework, on the left columns, these are the confines by the native and positive laws, ethics inclusive, some are permissive, and some are not. In the middle sections, you are given with some examples in a given direction. To create your own product by your group that may be considered somewhat to mimic the existing ones (e.g., those in existence already).

Please do the research and try to draw the lines or gray area, even blurring, between legally/ethically permissible and functionality necessary/inseparable because under the U.S. law, the court system generally will not rule on a case that falls into the latter category (i.e., functionality necessary/inseparable because it is governed by the natural law).

This is a skill and intuition a business manager should have developed because it encourages innovation and creativity, rather than “kill” those good ideas at first place.

For example, let’s say your group try to innovate the seat/bed (either seat itself, or its arrangement, or both) on the commercial airline, you have done research and found out a lot of them, You are trying to create your own. You are struggling to create a “new” one or a “new” method for its usage because you are not sure of what is protected by the IP law and what is not. You have to further do research or find a way to justify your design (e.g., to an extreme example, you have 100% copied the other design but with a new method for usage [e,g, baking soda used as a deodorizer in the refrigerator], and if you can justify that it is within the category of 100% “inseparability” between its functionality and design, it might be still considered to be innovative and creative as being “new.”). Please also consult with the guideline for group project when you write up your designed ideas.

Please study that page of group project directions for your topic choice. Please limit your group topic within the general framework provided there. It does not have to be exact, but within those categories, subject to those limitations and delimitations, such as modular houses on land, or you could do modular homes in water, many people living on the water for their whole life, most on a boat home, and you could change that living paradigm into other forms. It will be your own topic but it must be confined within the directions provided and conformed with those requirements on that page to encourage creativity and innovation, but also understand the issues involving the protection of intellectual property rights and the dilemma of ethic decisions as a business executive. We all know that generally speaking, an authority in a hierarchy structure of management is to veto or overrule its subordinate’s idea, rather than encourage their employees to come up with new ideas. We want to go the other direction. A lot of issues would not have a clear answer, but our gut feelings governed by the natural law at least can provide us with a general direction.”

Our group would like to choose the airplane seatbelt option, which is this link from the assignment:

This is directly from the project limitations and delineations attachment to this email. I understand quoting this assignment may be tricky but I think a thorough understanding of the assignment would help. We are not asking for the PowerPoint presentation to be done, only the parts D and E on the attachment – the written “manuscript”. I cannot give a word count as, depending on the path of the writer, it could be up to 7 pages of writing (meaning they may take 4 pages or may need the full 7) and maybe 3 pages of drawings or whatever is needed to depict the material being presented.

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