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Brainstorming task: I am your new client and I’m an animal psychologist. I am starting a new service in the Lansing area for pet owners. (I hear there are many conscientious pet owners in the East Lansing, Okemos area) I am not a vet nor have I any medical training. My methods are based on the fact that I have listened to, learned from, loved, raised, trained, and been friends with all types of animals. As a self proclaimed animal psychologist I provide counselling for troubled pets, and also do pet horoscopes and paw readings. My services are intended to provide emotional and spirtual healing and enlightenment.

I need a name for my business. I also need a slogan. I want it to attract the right audience and identify my business right off the bat, so my name needs to identify my target audience and be appropriate for what I do.

Try to keep the idea generation process alive as long as possible. When you are finished brainstorming sort back through the names and slogans and decide for each which three have the most potential.

Focus the evaluation on finding the best name and slogans, not on eliminating the weak ones (use a positive versus a negative approach to critiquing).

Submit your list in the drop box and Identify the three names and three slogans that were chosen as the best and justify why they were chosen.

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