BA361 4 Discussion Question Responses

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LO 2: To determine the training needs of an organization there a couple analysis that should be done. First, an organization needs to access whether training is required then is required or not. If training is required, then in which area it should be done to cover the gaps. Secondly, a skills analysis should be done in order to gather knowledge that which set of skills need to be developed in this training. Third, employees should be access individually so that an organization can know which skills the employees have and through training which types of skills need to be acquired. After determining the training needs an organization should implement the training and proper feedback should be given regarding the training.

LO 3: In my classes I see goal setting, modeling, and feedback and reinforcement as the principles of learning. For me I would bring in individual learning differences since everyone learns differently. I would have the visual learners be more active in demonstrations. As for the visual learners I would have implement drawing or slide.

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LO 2

According to our textbook, Managing Human Resources, a needs assessment needs to be done. This consists of an organization analysis, task analysis, and person analysis. An organization analysis is going to look at the environment, strategies, and resources of the organization to see where training needs to be done. The task analysis is going to tell the organization what needs to be included in the training. Finally, the person analysis is going to tell the organization who needs to get the training and who doesn’t. Once those have established the next step is design the training program. This means the organization needs to decide what the outcome of the training program is going to be. They also need to see how ready and how motivated employees are about the training. If employees are not motivated and ready for the training, the training could end up being a waste of time and money as the employees wouldn’t get anything out of it.

LO 3

The principles of learning that I see demonstrated in my own classes are active practice and repetition, whole-versus part learning, massed-versus distributed learning, and feedback and reinforcement, and modeling. I think it can vary from class to class and also subject to subject. Goal setting is one that I think is more on the student than the teacher or class. I think there are students out there who are perfectly okay with getting a C and passing a class while other students are driven by getting an A in every class. I found an article on that talked about the importance of goal setting as a student. The article stated, “Goal setting is fundamental to long-term success.” I think goal setting is important whether you’re a student or not. I know when I went to UNI right out of high school; I didn’t set any goals for myself. I ended up failing out and had to take time off. When I came back to UIU, I set a goal for myself of maintaining a certain GPA level. With only 3 classes to go I have maintained my goal. I wish I would have set goals the first time around but it was also a very valuable learning experience that I needed and I think I am better off for. I apply goal setting to other aspects of my personal life and my professional life.


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LO 1

Since the point of both training and development is to improve performance, it makes sense to use them together, so that the performance management process ends up telling you what kinds of training and development will be most effective in any given situation. The performance management process can help with recruitment with the availability of training. Plus training may permit hiring less qualified applicants, because it can help effectively selecting candidates which will reduce training needs. By having performance appraisals for current employees shows the basis for assessing training needs and results. Training and development of employees may lead to higher compensation, which will help with recruitment of qualified candidates since the rate of pay is higher.

LO 4

Before we can fix a problem or diagnose it, we need to understand the cause. If employers suspect performance is not up to par by their employees there are a few ways to identify potential problems in the workplace. Examining past mistakes, noting employee absences, evaluating employee engagement, and making punctuality a priority to name a few. With the review of past mistakes an employer can ask themselves to have they had to fix problems made by this employ or simply do the work for them? If attendance is an issue a thing to consider is this person using more PTO days than usual? If the answer to that question is yes is their performance becoming a noticeable problem. When we look at employee engagement as it is linked to poor performance, we must ask ourselves is this employee disengaged? Contrary to popular belief disengaged employees can cause a business to lose money, and their entire lack of participation and productivity can be bad for the workplace morale. Lastly prioritizing punctuality for all associates. I understand that everyone is late sometimes due to unforeseen circumstances, but if you have someone who is habitually tardy it can be a sign that they don’t take the job or those in authority seriously. The old phrase, “time is money” is real and if an employee is costing the company money because they are not reporting to work on time it can be useful to diagnosing a deeper performance issue.


DPerformance management process is a process in which, an organization creates a work environment that empowers its employees to work to the best of their abilities. Employee selection is the process of hiring a candidate for a the suitable position. Once an employee is selected they go through a detailed training program which is referred to as employee training and development. performance is monitored once the training and development is done as the employee if kept on the job. Performance management takes me into the idea of my current program at Geico. The Management Development Program is training and developing me to be in management. My job performance is monitored to decide if I’m a good fit for the job.

Diagnosing an employees performance problems is a very critical skill. With my current job I have to diagnose employee’s performance problems. I observe their metrics that have to be met while taking calls by looking at different reports. I listen to recorded calls. I also believe getting to know my employee’s help me diagnose their performance problems. Factors to consider could knowledge gap, skill gap, or not having the motivation to perform well.

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