Annotated References

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This assignment requires you to do research on a topic chosen from one of the two articles summarized in Assignment #1 or #2. You will then use this research in the Final Essay assignment. When you get to writing the Final Essay, your research will be complete.

To even start this assignment, you must choose a topic.We will discuss how to choose topics in class, and I will gladly meet with you individually to discuss finding a topic.

The Annotated References is an assignment where each student seeks sources on a topic, puts them into a References list, and adds a summary of what the source discusses.Whereas a Reference page contains a list of sources, the Annotated Reference lists the sources and provides a brief summary of the source.In addition to the summary paragraph, you also must write an evaluation paragraph, where you evaluate the source to be valid for post-secondary (university) research.

1.You will start by choosing one of the articles you have summarized for either Assignment #1 or #2.You will choose a topic from one of those articles.

2.You will then find three (3) more sources, which discuss your chosen topic, for a total of four (4) sources.

3.For all four sources (including #1 or #2 article) you will provide:

a.APA reference of source, as found on a References page

b.Paragraph 1: Summary of the source

c.Paragraph 2: Evaluation of the credibility of the source

Paragraph 1 is a summary of the source. Make sure you relay the central argument of the source in your summary. If you’re using a single aspect of the source (a sub-point), you should direct the reader’s attention by emphasizing that sub-point. Ensure that you provide enough explanation that your reader will understand what the source says about the topic.

Paragraph 2 will evaluate the source as being valid for the audience and situation. That is, for a post-secondary reader and post-secondary context.

This research will be used in the Final Essay. For the Essay, you’ll use these four sources, or more if you wish. As such, all of your research will have been completed by the time you start to think about writing the Essay.

Please note that you have already written a summary of one of the four sources (summary #1 or #2). For this assignment, you will have to revise that summary to make it shorter.That is, you will summarize your summary.

Lastly, you must use a range of sources. If you must use a website (that is valid for university!), limit yourself to only one website.Typically, articles are more developed and have information is more valid. I suggest trade magazines first as they are more accessible (Forbes, Inc., The Economist, Harvard Business Review…), and academic journals.Remember, the sources have to be valid for your audience.

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