Abstract and Outline

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Questioning the practice of hunting for entertainment is a great topic to study. I would suggest that the outcome of your study must have some implications for business and society (i.e., BADM 379), unless you want to change it to something more closely related to BADM 379. For example, animal hunting and tourism ethics (Shani & Pizam, 2008). Presently, your abstract is not well written in scholarly format, rather it is more of a personal storyline/opinion. The final paper cannot have the current version as the abstract. You need to revise it by reading a few scholarly articles and news articles on related topic.

Here are the tasks for your next submission:

1. Make sure that the document follows APA guidelines; 12 pt. Times New Roman font, Double spacing; 1-inch margin top/bottom/left/right; page numbering at the bottom-center. See link provided in syllabus for more details: https://owl.purdue.edu/owl/research_and_citation/apa_style/apa_formatting_and_style_guide/general_format.html

2. Be sure to add Title page/Cover page, if you have not added yet.

3. Rewrite the abstract in scholarly manner in ONE paragraph of about 5-6 clear sentences. The purpose of the abstract is to make a reader to decide whether to read the rest of your paper or not. Ideally, an abstract MUST describe (a) the purpose of the paper – 1 sentence (b) the big idea (the statement of the problem or issue) – 1-2 sentence, followed (c) a description of the research method and design 1 sentence, followed by (c) the major (expected) findings – 1-2 sentences, and finally (d) conclusion/implications for target audiences – 1 sentence.

4. To show relevancy of your topic, you must find (a) at least five most recent news articles that relates to your topic; (b) Using https://scholar.google.com/, identify at least five articles (research papers) that relates to your topic. You can do so by reading the abstract of the articles.

5. Study these ten articles (news articles + research articles) to help you make your paper’s overall storyline. Pick only those parts that are relevant to your paper topic.

6. You must also consider using Carroll textbook, Barrons textbook and the three critical readings to strengthen your arguments.

7. Provide structure of the paper (i.e., paper outline) that contains topic, sub-topics, sub-sections in up to 3 levels. See syllabus.

8. Within this outline developed, embed sentences or phrases to explain the purpose of each sub-section. Cite related articles. E.g., Suppose your topic is related to making America great again, you will say in the Literature Review section as “Make America great again (Trump et al., 2019)”.

9. Add Reference section in APA format only that includes all relevant external sources (i.e., Carroll textbook, Barrons textbook, the three critical readings, the five news articles, the five scholarly articles) that you intend to use in writing your final paper.

Reach out to me if you have any questions.


Shani, A., & Pizam, A. (2008). Towards an ethical framework for animal‐based attractions. International Journal of Contemporary Hospitality Management.

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