write a two-page, direct strategy analytical report using memo format.

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Evaluate the completeness of your report using this checklist:

Opening and Introduction (no heading):

□ Use direct strategy in opening to state purpose of report

□ Indicate types of research sources used for the report

□ Preview topics to be discussed

□ State your recommendation


□ Use “talking” parallel headings

□ Organize topics logically

□ Ensure content is clear, understandable, and relevant to the readers

□ Use correct and complete APA style in-text citations throughout

Conclusions and Recommendation:

□ Use functional heading

□ Summarize main points

□ Recommend action (with justification)

□ Include forward-looking close

Professional Business Style and Presentation:

□ Proofread and revise for correctness

□ Use correct short report and memo format

□ Use single-spaced, full block format, 11- or 12-pt font, and a ragged right margin

Citations and References:

□ Ensure all researched material is properly cited in APA style.

□ Paraphrase researched material wherever possible

□ Create correct and complete APA style reference list on separate and final page

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