two discussions: 350 words each

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Discussion 1:

End-of-Chapter Questions

Starting on page 234, in your Supply Chain Network Design textbook, are the “End-of-Chapter Questions.” Follow these directions to complete this discussion:

  • Prepare a post that addresses question 2. What relevant quantitative information is provided in the questions?
  • Prepare a post that addresses question 8. How would you model the supply chain? Use a simple drawing tool to depict your answer.350 words… no cover page required

Discussion 2:

Center-of-Gravity Model

After reading the attached Nix, Osborne, and Radharamanan article, review the authors’ explanation for why facilities were actually located some miles away from the model ideal location. How useful is the center-of-gravity model in view of the need to modify the solution’s ideal points to find the actual locations for distribution centers? 350 words… no cover page required!

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