Training project: wells fargo

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General Information about the Project

This project is an opportunity for you to gain experience and insight into developing a training program. You will be identifying a problem or a goal within an organization that you believe can be addressed through a training program and preparing a paper that addresses the logistics of your proposed plan. You need to choose a real company.

I find that choosing a company that one of the group members works for is the most convenient, as you have firsthand information about the organization and easier access to people within the organization who can provide you useful information that can help you with the project. WELLS FARGO

I have 2 parts to do:

1. *Identify who will have conduct the training – the trainer(s). Will it be employee(s)? If so, what is their role/title within the organization? Will the training be conducted by someone outside the organization (outsourced)? Will the training be conducted both by in-house trainer(s) (existing employee[s]) and outsourced trainers? Will the trainer need training in order to be an effective trainer? Explain your rationale for choice of trainer(s).

2. Address the logistical challenges of delivering the training, i.e. when will training take place and how will employees get their work done and attend training, location of the training – is there a space in the organization to accommodate the training, will employees from various locations need to attend the training; what challenges might that present, what if an employee is absent – how will they make-up the training, etc…

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