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It got be about kids

Early childhood educators advocate for life-long learning and to do so, we must be life-long learners ourselves. Life-long learning requires ongoing personal reflection and professional development. Create a professional development plan to support your growth as an educator. This plan must include:

  • A summary of the importance of communities of practice and how they can support your overall professional development. Offer an example of a community of practice that you would consider becoming a member of and how this would impact your growth as an educator.
  • Three professional goals related to best practices, advocacy, or professionalism in early childhood education. Each goal should be stated in specific, measurable and timely terms.
    • Specific (outline what you will accomplish)
    • Measurable (describe how you will know you have accomplished the goal)
    • Timely (identify when you will accomplish the goal).
  • Resources needed to accomplish goals.

Include a title page, a reference page, and, if needed, in-text citations. Format these components according to APA standards.

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