The Assessment-Learning Process

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As you read in Chapter 1 of your course text, the
assessment-learning process consists of a continuous cycle of
assessment, planning, and teaching. It is important to consider that the
cycle both begins and ends with assessment. “In between assessment
there is continuous planning, teaching, and learning” (Howard, V. F.,
& Aiken, E., 2015, p. 16). In order to be effective caregivers and
educators, we must first understand the purpose of assessment. Once we
understand the “why,” we can then focus on the “how.” For this
discussion you will reflect on the why, and begin to plan how to move
forward in the assessment-learning process.

To prepare for your first discussion, view the Early Childhood Assessment Purposes (Links to an external site.) video. For a transcript of the video, please click HERE. Include the following in your discussion post:

  • According to Pretti-Frontczak (2015), there are six main purposes of
    assessment: Developmental and Behavioral Screening, Eligibility under
    IDEA, Planning Instruction, Revising Instruction, Program Evaluation,
    and Accountability. For this discussion you will choose one of these six
    purposes of assessment and locate a scholarly resource that provides a
    rationale for this purpose of assessment.
  • Discuss why your chosen assessment purpose is important for young
    children and what some of the detriments or problems are, if any.
    Support this portion of your post with the scholarly resource you
    located in the step above.
  • Identify how you know where to begin when using assessments with children. Provide specific examples.
  • Analyze the importance of goal setting. What are the implications for improper goal-setting?
  • Explain what the next steps are if an assessment does not yield comprehensive results.
  • Defend why using multiple measures of assessment is considered a
    best practice. Include at least two reasons and support your rationale
    with the text and at least one scholarly resource.

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