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Companies find good ideas by
researching competitors’ products and services. Select one consumer
product category with which you are familiar, either because you or a
family member or friend purchase it or use it frequently (for example:
shampoos, carbonated beverages, snack foods, baked goods).

  1. Suggest one incremental
    innovation that you would like to see for the product/category chosen.
    For example, would you prefer a different form of bottling for shampoos?
    A different flavor for soft drinks—cola flavored chips, for example.
    Do any of the items in your research have glaring weaknesses as in its
    cleaning properties, smell, or taste that a company can improve upon?
  2. Link your suggestion to an unmet consumer need. State why you think others might have this same need?
  3. Why is competitive research so important for companies to undertake?

Essay is to be one written page, double spaced, Times New Roman, 12pt font

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