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Here’s the original I need this revised with better sentence structure and vocabulary. Thank You

Reality is Surreal

I was running. I didn’t know where I
was running to or why I was running until I looked over my shoulder. There I
saw the reason. A giant tidal wave was approaching my cabin and I was about to
be swept away in an ocean of fear and despair. I had reservations about this
vacation in the first place and now my fears are being realized. At the last
minute, I grabbed a tree limb as the water gushed over me and it took
everything I had to hold on and not be pulled into the violent current. I had
taken in a lot of water and I wasn’t sure if I was going to make it but I just
held on and hoped it would end soon. At first I thought this must be a dream
because it all happened so sudden but the water was too cold to be make
believe. As the final rush of water subsided, I climbed up on the tree limb and
surveyed the damage.

The silence was deafening. Everything
was covered with water and you couldn’t hear a sound. There was nobody else in
sight and I got this overwhelming feeling that I was alone. I’m sure I wasn’t
the only person to survive this but there wasn’t another soul in sight. I was
cold and hungry and thought I should just give up because I couldn’t stay on
top of the tree branch forever. Just then a small rowboat floated across the tree
trunk and at the last minute I jumped to try and swim to it. It was my only
chance at survival and I wasn’t going to fail. I caught up with the boat and
hoisted myself in. Luckily, there was a bottle of water on board and an oar. I
started rowing but I wasn’t sure where I was going. I rowed and rowed that day
and I thought it was all for nothing. I was so tired and eventually just fell
asleep in the boat. I dreamed of living on an island in the sun for the rest of
my life, away from work and politics and bad relationships and everything that
made life miserable. It was a peaceful and fulfilling existence that seemed
worthwhile as opposed to real life which was most often boring and annoying.
There was plenty of food on the island so I could live there forever. Nobody
would bother me and I would have no cares or worries. I would be lonely, but I
never really liked other people anyway so what is the difference. They were all
out for themselves and didn’t really care about anything else, so what is there
to miss? I would just sit back every day from sun up to sun down and think
about nothing. That is the life I wanted to lead. Oh, but this was all a dream.

Just then I awoke as the boat had
run into something. I looked at my watch that was guaranteed to never fail. The
date was the same day as the flood, but the year was twenty-years later! My
body had frozen in the boat and somehow I was preserved and still alive! I
wondered what could have happened and as I looked up, I couldn’t believe what I
saw. There it was; my island. It was just as I pictured it in my dream.
Beautiful blue water surrounded the warm sand and the coconut and banana trees
were everywhere. The birds were singing and I rejoiced as I finally found my
island of peace that I always dreamed about. I built a hut and collected some
food. As I sat and looked at the stars that night, I wondered about the rest of
the world. What was I missing? Should I try to get back to civilization or just
stay on my island of peace and quiet. The decision was an easy one.

Since that first night, a lot has
happened. The inhabitants of the island welcomed me and helped me build a
house. More people began to discover the island and I was afraid it was going
to turn into the same world that I so wanted to escape from. It became quite a
lively community, but in a good way. People trusted and communicated with each
other. They didn’t judge others by the way they looked and respected everyone
equally. Business and commerce was established and before we knew it, a
beautiful oasis had developed. This was a special place. I was elected mayor
and they built a park in my honor. I learned to adapt to being away from home
and the life I once had. I have achieved a new appreciation for people and the
kindness that they represent when they get themselves out of the way for a
moment to see the goodness in others. That makes everything worthwhile.

The End

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