make a slides and a brief summary of the news

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On the day you present, you are also required to submit a brief summary of the news you
picked written in your own words. It should not be longer than half a page (single-spaced,
font size 12). Do not forget to specify the source and provide web link if you found the news online.
Some important information about grading:

• One of the most common reasons for losing points is irrelevance of the topic. Ensure
that your report is about an issue related to the field of media planning and buying
(e.g., new channels to use for advertising; media outlets losing or gaining revenue from
advertising; reaching audiences via various platforms; cost of advertising in different
media, etc.)

• Students can also lose points for presenting “old news” – something that happened a
while ago. Your report should update your classmates about the recent developments
in the filed.

• You must specify the source of information. Simply insert the link to a website/online
story you used for the report.
• Students must be familiar with the content of the report and show news familiarity and
understanding during the presentation.

• Follow the formatting guidelines specified above.

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