Intermediate Sanctions and Community Corrections

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Complete all assigned reading before attempting the assignment. Your
answers must be based on the reading plus add your own insightful comments as well. Answer the following question(s)
in one paragraph. DO NOT write both answers in the same paragraph. *List the question and then put the answer underneath. Read pages 323-332.…

  1. Review our discussion of California’s Substance Abuse and Crime
    Prevention Act on page 323. The program has had one unintended
    consequence: in its first four years, drug arrests in California
    increased significantly. Before 2000, these rates had been falling. How
    might the new law have contributed to this increase in drug crime?
  2. Why might probationers or those subjected to intermediate sanctions
    want to limit their social media activity? Give an example of a
    circumstance in which a Facebook posting could cause probation to be

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