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Modernity Topic: Racism

  • You must discover how that topic has impacted/influenced modernity
  • You must be able to explain “What is Modernity”


  • For either format you must include a Works Cited page at the end with properly formatted (Turabian Style) sources.
  • You must also cite your sources (parenthetical citation) throughout the project in Turabian Style.
  • Scholarly articles are required, JStor highly recommended.
  • All projects must be typed, proofread and edited for grammar and spelling.
  • The final product should be professional.
  • Include a cover page with name, date, title, class info
  • Thesis statement must be clearly laid out – thesis should explain how your topic has shaped modernity.
  • Word Document: double spaced, font size 12, at least 7 pages.

More descriptions and instructors are in the pdf file , please check it.

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