Health care law

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My classmate Discussion.

Modern medicine has significantly improved over the last several decades. While the advancement of technology has saved millions of lives, it has also cost everyday Americans millions of dollars. In a perfect world, there would be universal quality healthcare coverage for women and men of all ages, all races, and all religions. Unfortunately, just because healthcare is universal, does not mean that everyone will receive the same quality care. For example, my aunt was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2012, in need of a total mastectomy. She was referred to a very renowned surgeon at Thomas Jefferson who, at the time, did not accept any form of health insurance. Needless to say, if my aunt wanted the best, she would have to pay out of her own pocket. Is this ethical? Or is it up to the consumer to decide on what grade health care they do or do not receive?

I believe that Americans should pay no more than 1-2% for other people’s healthcare. What I really think needs to be addressed is the lack of transparency in regards to health care costs. Transparency, in regards to a simple medical bill (itemization), needs to be present. Consumers should want to know what they are paying for and how they can be proactive. Transparency may lead to consumers making more informed decisions (being frugal) that may ultimately result in lower healthcare costs.

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