Globalization and Society

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You have been selected to reflect on our readings located under the Module titled “Globalization and Governance”

For our next class meeting on Oct. 15th, I want you all to be prepared to discuss the following questions. As you reflect on these questions and the readings, please aim to prepare written responses though I am not expecting you to submit those written works. I merely want you to be well-prepared for our in-class discussion. Handouts for the class are expected. Please also generate at least two of your own questions in addition to addressing the questions I have posed for you.

Our readings for the week have you focused on the related issues of globalization and governance and are grounded in Kiggundu’s chapter “Governance and Globalization” and Wisman’s article “Government is whose problem anyway?” Please read these articles and then reflect on the following questions.

Kiggundu emphasizes that good governance can only come from the state and is essential to the provision of leadership that is needed to make globalization successful. Somewhat ironically, many of those in government, equate good governance with a government that governs least (i.e., to quote President Reagan, “government is the problem”). What is the role of government to be in globalization processes? Does the role of government vary depending on a country’s role in globalization (for example as a center nation or P1 or P2 nation)? If not government-led leadership, where will the leadership come?

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