Film Response

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Please type a minimum 2 page film response to the documentary Project Nim. Double spaced and MLA format.

Make sure to include the following


a) Summarize the documentary

b) Highlight the themes that are relevant to this class – topics we have discussed or will be



a) Describe the intended scientific endeavor/research question started by Dr. Terrace

b) Identify a minimum of three issues that made this “bad science.”

c) Identify how these three issues specifically caused this project to be bad science

Non-human Language

a) Do you think Nim learned language? Explain your answer

b) Regardless of you answer to the question above, explain the differences and similarities

between what Nim learned and how a dog can learn to scratch his food bowl to indicate

s/he wants food.


a) What are you overall thoughts on the documentary?

b) What did you think about the documentary as entertainment and as an educational tool

for our class?

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