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Part :Answer the following two questions in a 1 – 1.5 page essay.

1.) Race and imperialism: Use the documents in Chapter 20 and materials presented in class

to answer the following question. What role did ideas about race play on both sides of

the debate over whether the United States should annex the Philippines?

2.) Gender and the 1920s: How did the cultural changes of the 1920s both liberate and

create new pressures on women? Your answer to this question should be your thesis

statement, and you can use evidence from the textbook and PowerPoints in addition to

your analysis of the movie “It” to answer the question. Here is the YouTube site for the

movie “It.” The segment we watched begins at 15:36 minutes.

Part II: Answer the following question in a 2-page essay.

1.) The architects of the New Deal passed federal legislation in an effort to permanently solve

problems in the American economy. What problems existed in the agricultural and industrial

sectors, and what remedies did New Dealers enact to combat the problems? What other steps

did they take to permanently provide for the public welfare? Who benefited from the laws,

and who did not?

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