correct fragments and comma splices

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Correct each sentence fragment below in the most appropriate way. Make sure that any punctuation is also correct.

  1. Exercise clubs offering instruction and providing companionship.
  2. The doctor informed David of the condition. When Marisa stopped to talk with him about the test results.
  3. Helen wants to move to Colorado; opening up her own business in Denver.
  4. An intelligent-looking gentleman opening the car door for his lady.
  5. Unless he provides his employer with more documentation.


Correct each of the comma splices below. IMPORTANT: At least ONE of your answers must incorporate one of the coordinating conjunctions about what we study in Chapter 11 of our handbook (page 106). At least ONE must “make one clause dependent on the other clause.” (See page 107 in our handbook for an example and additional information.)

  1. Saint Leo University is located north of Tampa, Florida, it has become a premiere institution of higher learning among Catholic liberal arts colleges and universities.
  2. The importance of English 121 cannot be emphasized enough, the course is foundational for success throughout all of the university’s courses.
  3. Saint Leo University has a rich and distinguished history, it is amazing how the university has expanded over the years from its original roots.
  4. Students of all religious faiths attend Saint Leo University, the university is not exclusive to students only of the Catholic faith.
  5. Students who apply themselves to excellence in education find themselves often found themselves moving forward, the efforts stem from a desire to do one’s very best.

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