Corporate Planning and Goal Setting of All Kinds!

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For this topic you will be posting links to, and reviewing, news clips and articles about Planning and Goal Setting of all kinds, including operations, supply chains, workforce hiring, etc.

There are two parts to this Assignment:

Part 1: Find, post a link to, and summarize a news story about this discussion topic.

  1. Find a news story (written or video clip), from a REPUTABLE news source, about this topic.
    • NOTE: Please see the Syllabus for a description of what a reputable news source is.
    • News story cannot be more than 2 years old.
  2. Put the title of your article/video clip into the subject heading of your post.
  3. Copy and paste the link to your news story into your post.
    • NOTE: The link must take the reader to the full article, not a summary, or subscription login page.
  4. In 3-5 sentences (one paragraph) summarize what the story is about.

Part 2: Use class concepts to analyze someone else’s posted news story.(i will reply you Someone Else’s Posted News Story when you take my question)

  1. Reply to someone else’s posted news story.
  2. In the subject heading mention the class-concept(s) you are going to use in your analysis.
  3. Pick ONE instance, action, or situation WITHIN the story and write 3-5 sentences analyzing how a particular class concept can be used to explain what is going on.
  4. Your analysis must have the following:
    • The concepts you use must be related to the topic of this discussion.
    • You MAY NOT use general concepts like “ethics” or “global business”. Instead, use more specific concepts or theories (e.g., fairness in the workplace, tariffs, etc).
    • Your post must be ORIGINAL. This means you may not post about the same thing as someone else.
    • You must define the concept from class that you are using.

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