art history term paper

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In writing the paper, develop a thesis-an argument that is designed to answer a question. This thesis needs to be clearly articulated at the beginning of the paper. I have suggested questions below that might guide you in developing theses but do consider going beyond what I have suggested: the directions given below are suggestions not limitations. Try to guide your discussion to specific works of art. Works that you discuss should be reproduced with your paper. You are also welcome to do more research: the Arts Library resources are particularly strong and include much material not available online.

Question: In this symposium, held in 1963, six critics discuss the meaning of Pop art. How would you characterize their different viewpoints? Who is more convincing and why? Relate what they say to the words of the three artists, Johns, Oldenburg, and Warhol. Do what the artists have to say about their intentions correspond to the critics’ explanations and analyses? Please have a clear thesis responding to the question in introduction. And please read the two readings I attached, and use them as resource. You should cite your sources fully where relevant (this includes page numbers!)

Remember to be careful not to plagiarize: do not copy text directly from any sources without full footnoting; paraphrase or quote but also cite the source (any format for footnotes is fine).

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