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Your Discussion prompt is: You are a police officer assigned to a task force that will be more involved in community and diversion programs for young gang members.

“You have an opportunity to work with eight male gang members who are between fourteen and sixteen years of age. You have decided to design the twenty sessions around the theme of hopelessness. What would you do in these sessions to help instill more hope in the lives of these young men? What issues have you identified that are common with gang involvement? What programs are currently in your community to help youth get or stay out of gangs? What would be an effective strategy to break up street gangs?” Be specific in your response. help us see your vision.

Discussion Expectations and Grading Criteria

  1. You must post to the discussion question first before you can see and respond to a classmates post at least a minimum of 150 words. MAJORITY OF YOUR RESPONSE MUST BE IN YOUR OWN WORDS; USE OUTSIDE SOURCES APPROPRIATELY OR RISK NO CREDIT ON YOUR ASSIGNMENT. DO NOT COPY WORD FOR WORD FROM A SOURCE( This can be perceived as plagiarism)- worth 5 points
  2. Use at least 2 current sources (a scholarly journal or article) within 8 years to support your opinion and Cite the source in APA format ( ). Google, Wikipedia, etc. are not acceptable sources. Do not attach a link- your citation must include- the Author’s name, Title of Article and Year publishedworth 2 points
  3. Then you must post to a classmates your opinion of their statement (Be professional and use Network Etiquette) – This should not be a copy of your initial post. (You should post to classmates by Agreeing or Disagreeing and state why?)- a minimum of 30 words.- worth 3 points
  4. Students must post twice (your own post and to a classmates) in each discussion board to receive full credit for the assignment. All discussions must be posted by the dates specified in the course schedule and must comply with the Courtesy and Network Etiquette guideline described in this Syllabus. There are no make ups for any missed discussions.

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