Non-profit fundraiser

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As a fundraising and marketing consultant for your favorite nonprofit organization (pick one), your job
will be to design a single piece of literature (brochure, leaflet, insert, bookmark, newsletter, etc.) to be
used as a fundraising tool. Educating potential donors about various opportunities will be important,
but remember, we want to influence behaviors…and generate actual results. Therefore, your priority
should be to attract individuals to actually donate (time and/or money) to the organization.
The final product should also be a comprehensive piece. In other words, it should contain elements for
volunteers, one-time donors, pledgers, major donors, and maybe even planned giving (please don’t use
these exact titles…that would be considered “jargon”). Remember that “less is more” in most cases, so
you don’t need to explain everything in this document. However, a potential donor should have no
doubt about where to learn more…or how to take the next step. You can make up a fake web address if
the organization you’ve selected doesn’t have online resources.
Feel free to use templates in Word, Publisher, or any other MS Office tool. There are scores of
templates to choose from that will save you valuable time in formatting, page layout, etc. If you choose
a format other than MS Office, please check with me regarding compatibility. You don’t want to wait
until the last minute to find out that I cannot open your file. You should also feel free to research some
“best practices” for publications like this. Pay attention to fundraising pieces that you come across in
the mail, in your inbox, or through web searches. Obviously, this does not mean that you should copy
and paste copyrighted material, or use any form of plagiarism to complete your assignment. Your
research should be for general ideas, concepts, layouts, ect.

A sample file has been uploaded as to what the finished project should look like.

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