German Fiction Novel: Book Review

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Topic :How does Brecht dramatize the struggle between the demands of self-interest and the duties of love?To what ends?

Length: Approximately 800900 words and 100-150 words outline

Citation Format:MLA

Essays should be around five pages (not including the bibliography).As with the essay samples that I have provide to you. Your essay should have a title that reflects not only your topic but your argument about that topic;

An introductory paragraph that introduces your topic, suggests how it will be approached in regards to the text, and closes with a clear and specific thesis statement; supporting paragraphs organized around points that support your thesis and that open with a strong topic sentence (topic sentence); specific evidence (Textual Evidence)from the primary text itself; and a strong conclusion that reinforces your thesis and suggests something about its wider implications.

The essay samples on I provided are very clear in regards to what I am looking for, so be sure to look over these before and while writing.Be specific, be organized, and be sure to make good use of the text when making your case.

When it comes to quoting from the text, be sure to comment on the quotes you use and incorporate them into your larger argument.If you have any questions while writing your essay, or if you would like me to look over a draft of your essay, please let me know.

Be sure to have an introduction that develops a topic, connects it to the text, and establishes a clear, concise, and convincing thesis.Your supporting paragraphs should be well organized, developed with strong topic sentences, and constructed in such a way that there is a clear, logical transition from point to point.You should use the text to illustrate and develop your points.Finally, your conclusion should reiterate your thesis, show how it was arrived at, and suggest something about its wider implications.

When it does come to preparing, I would recommend that pick a topic that interests you, that you establish your thesis/argument, that you chart out 3-4 argumentative points that can serve as your paragraphs and help to support that thesis, and that you find the relevant passages/quotations that you will use for support in your essay.When it comes to quoting from the text, shorter passages can be quoted in their entirety, while longer passages (anything more than three lines) can be quoted with the first few words, an ellipsis, and the last few words, e.g. “I have perhaps not yet learnt enough … now with my other eyes” (161-62).

【An additional outline】Approximately 100-200 words

You need to write an additional sheet with your thesis statement (not your introductory paragraph), and your 3-4 supporting points in jot note form.

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