Essay: Civil Rights through a military lense, writing homework help

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Use the attached thesis, body paragraphs, rubric and conclusion information to complete a historical analysis essay on the Civil Rights Movement through a military lense.


The draft you’ve already submitted to your instructor for feedback contains almost all the essential elements of a thorough historical analysis: a clear and specific thesis statement; background information and context; analytical arguments to support your thesis; and historical evidence to buttress your arguments.

What’s missing? Your own historical perspective.

As we’ve said before, thinking about history requires more than assembling and evaluating information. It also requires you to think about the impact that studying history can have on you personally—by changing the way you think about specific historical events, and broadening your understanding of how historians pursue historical truth.

We’d like you to address those ideas in the concluding paragraphs of your historical event analysis essay. In one or two paragraphs, tell us why your historical event was important to you personally—that is, why you chose it in the first place—and how your historical research has changed the way you think about this event. Finally, describe how a historian might pursue this subject further, to provide an even fuller and more complex analysis of your historical event.

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