Agriculture Assignment (I`provided the needed sources for the assignment).

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Please make sure it is:

Single spaced.

12pt font times new roman. for each question at least have a `paragraph long answer that fully answers the question.

`for the second article, make sure the 1st question’s answer is a page long.

I provided the links for each article above the article questions

Organic Industry Sues USDA To Push For Animal Welfare Rules

1. What is the problem or dilemma or situation in this story?

2. Who is on each side of this story? (not specific names but groups or organizations)

3. What is your opinion of this story and the situations or problems presented? Are there any ‘sides’ to be taken and, if so, what side would you take? Expand on your answers

Inside The Global Seed Vault, Where The History And Future Of Agriculture Is Stored ** While not a traditional NPR story as students have seen most of the quarter, still a great story about the preservation of our agriculture crops. NOTE: this story is 35 minutes long if listening to the audio. Be sure to leave plenty of time to read or listen and respond to questions.

1. Summarize this NPR story in at least 1 FULL paragraph.

2. Discuss your opinion of such vaults – discussing can included but is not limited to necessity, feasibility, longevity, etc.

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